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3 Liter China Portable Mini medical home Oxygen Concentrator with Battery New

3 Liter China Portable Mini medical home Oxygen Concentrator with Battery New
oxygen concentrator -A35
A35 is a new generation oxygen concentrator for homecare and medical usage, which use our patented technology and have the ability to adjust the flow rate at 0.1L/min and moreover, there is a large display which can real- timely display oxygen concentration and oxygen flow. All the designs are customized to meet precise operation requirement and enhance the customer's experience.
Functional Features
Release 10 million pcs/cm3 negative ions
A35 equipped negative IONs generator, release 10 million pcs/cm3
negative lons, Firstly purify air and then make oxygen to make
users enjoy more healthy life
Large LCD screen
Large touch screen make it easy to use 8 inches LCD touch
screen display makes font clear and accuracy-control
Infrared wireless remote control
Users can control the oxygen concentrator at different status, even lie on a bed
or far away from the oxygen concentrator
Technical Specification
Rated Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
Input Power 240VA
Oxygen Concentration (3L/min) ≥93%±3%(V/V)
Oxygen Flow 1.0-5.0 L/min
Oxygen Inhalation Noise (while concentrating) < 60dB
Operation Mode continuous operation
Anion 10 million pcs/cm³
Remote Control Range ≤6m
Power Cord 1.5m 
Raw Material ABS
Net weight (with the humidifier without water) 11.3kg
Dimension 290x293x449mm
Electrical Classification Class II
Operation Ambient Temperature Range 5"C-40"C
Operation Ambient Humidity Range ≤80%RH
Picture Display