smart portable ionizer car Hepa air purifier china for covid

Item No.: C1A
smart portable ionizer car Hepa air purifier china for covid
Car air Purifier -C1A / Breath in the Nature
C1A is a new generation Car Air Purifier which used the latest double fans air duct circulation system and bamboo fiber HEPA filter and designed to remove PM2. 5, smoke, allergy, TVOC, Odor and also can remove bacteria and virus in the car room air. It has LCD display the room air quality situation like PM2. 5, temperature and humdity etc.
PM2 . 5
PM2 . 5 <10
5 million negative ions
Touch Control 
Sterilizaton rate: 99.9%
Second-hand Smoke
Real-time Display
Functional Features
New Latest Air Duct System
New technology air duct system, three sides of air inlets, two air outlets, which can quickly complete room air circulation and air balance. It can quickly create PM2. 5<10 fresh air room evironment
Latest Bamboo Filter HEPA+ Bamboo Charcoal Composited Filter
The filter inside adopted latest technical filters, which is consist of bamboo fiber layer+ HEPA filter layer+ bamboo charcoal layer composited filter. It can quickly remove PM2. 5, smoke, bacteria, TVOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances
Negative lons Purification
Adopted micro negative ions technology, release 5 million highly-activated and small particle negative ions, which can move longer distance and have excellent to remove PM2. 5, smoke, pollen, bacteria and virus
Technical Specification
Product Name Car Air Purifier
Model C1A
Color Dark Red/Silver White
Efficient Area 3.15-5.4 m2
Particle CADR 45 m3/h
Formaldehyde CADR 19.3 m3/h
Purification Efficiency High Level (ηparticle: 6.43 m3/(WxH))
High Level (ηformaldehyde: 2.76 m3/(WxH))
Negative Ions 5 million pcs/cm3
Noise <50 dB(A)
Size (L x W x H)
130 x 130 x 340 mm
Net Weight 1.5 kgs
Body Material ABS
Electric Requirements DC 12V
Consumption Power 7W
Cord Length 1.2 m  
 Bamboo Fiber Composite HEPA Filter 
    Inner Dia x Outer Dia x Height: 57 x 94 x 186 mm 
Sensor PM2.5 Laser Dust Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Purification function Bamboo Fiber Adsorption
Composite HEPA Filter
Bamboo Charcoal Adsorption
Negative IONs Purification
Packing List Main Unit x 1
Power Adapter with Power Cord  x 1
Anti-slip Mat x 1
User Manual x 1
Picture Display