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Remote control Bamboo charcoal filter home UV medical gradeair purifier for Malaysia

Item No.: Y10A
Remote control Bamboo charcoal filter home UV medical gradeair purifier for Malaysia
Super air purifier-y10a / Bring fresh air home
Y10A Super Air Purifier is designed for large room, hotel, hospital and conference room etc. It used patented micro negative ions technology can make the PM2. 5 reduce to O in room. The sterilization rate is 99.9% which can quickly offer fresh air in 5 minutes. It can real-time display the room air quality like PM2. 5, chemical pollutants, temperature and humidity etc.
PM2 . 5
PM2 . 5 = 0
Efflcient area: up to 150 m2
20 million Negative ions
Sterilizaton rate: 99.9%
Second-hand Smoke
Real-time Display
Functional Features
360° Full Circulation
Efficient area: up to 150 m2
Patented new technology air duct system , 360 dead-zone free air intake design and patented theoblique blow pressurization air duct technology , the nature real fresh air is directly blowed out toroom roof and fall down to long distance space , which can quickly complete room air circulation andair balance . It can quickly create PM2 . 5 < 10 fresh air room evironment
Real-time display
Green Light Good
Blue Light Moderate 
Yellow Light Unhealthy
Red Light Very unhealthy
Negative ions purification
Breathe the natural fresh air
Adopted micro negative ions technology , release 20 million highly-activated andsmall particle negative ions , which can move longer distance and have excellentto remove PM2 . 5 , smoke , pollen , bacteria and virus
Sterilization Rate: 99%
Prevention of respiratory diseases
AVICHE Super Air Purifier equipped with a UV lamp . It is soundless anddosen't emit any ozone . UV radiations kill germs , microbes , fungi , and bacteria , effectively sterilizing your air
Multiple purification
Remove all kind of harmful substances
Large capacity modified activated carbon + Micro holes technology + Efficient HEPA filter with catalytic technology + micro negative IONS. Different layers of filtration can remove all kinds of harmful substance.
Latest 8 Stage Composite Filter
Filter impurities
Bamboo Hepa-filter
Remove harmful substances
Bamboo Hepa-filter
Remove harmful substances
Technical Specification
Product Name Super Air Purifier
Model Y10A
Color  Golden+black
Recommended Room Size Up to 150 m2
Particle CADR 550m3/h 
Formaldehyde CADR 226m3/h
Sterilization Rate 99.9%
Particle CCM P4
Formadehyde CADR P4
Purification Efficiency
Super Level  (ηparticle: 10.4 m3/(W·H))
Super Level (ηformaldehyde: 4.3m3/(W·H))
Nano-fullerene Microscopic Particle Negative IONs 20 million pcs/cm3
Noise <70dB
Rated Voltage AC220V  50Hz
Rated Power 53W
Screen Display Digital Real-time Display
Fan Speed 1-2-3-4-Jet (5 sets)
Dimension (DIA x H) 312.5 x 840 mm
Net Weight 11.8 kgs
Body Material ABS
Filter Super HEPA Filter (Weight:3.6kgs)
  155 (Inner Dia) x 260 (Outer Dia) x 600 (H) mm
Intelligent Terminal K3
Laser Dust Sensor
Formaldehyde Sensor
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Purification function
Micro Negative Ions
HEPA Filter
Eco-friendly Bamboo Charcoal
Photocatalytic Degradation
UV Lamp Sterilization
Lysozyme Sterilization
Air quality Indicator Excellent: Green Light,     Good : Blue Light, 
Moderate: Yellow Light,  Bad: Red Light
Picture Display