Aviche M5 new design wearable mirco mini small neck personal air purifier

Item No.: M5
Aviche M5 new design wearable mirco mini small neck personal air purifier portable
Wearable air Purifier -M5
Micro negative ions can actively capture fine particles, like allergens, viruses,dust make them coagulate and precipitate, and effectively remove fine dust of 2.5 microns
or less in air (PM2.5) and below, thereby reducing the probability that you will inhale these bad particles and become ill.
Functional Features
120 Million negative ions
The AVICHE M5 can emits 120 million negative ions from the brush on top, it can absorb positively charged suspended particles, neutralize and settle down, and purify the air.
160-180 Hours
M5 can work up to 160-180 hours. After the battery capacity is expanded, it can be used continuously for nearly a week when fully charged.
Working: blue light turns on
Charging: Red light turns on
Low battery reminder:
When the battery power is less than one hour, the red light will
flash to remind you to charge in time
Two Modes
AVICHE M5 negative ion quantity is divided into two modes, which can be easily adjusted according to environmental requirements.
High gear
120 Million Negaive lons
60-65 hours
Low gear
100 Million Negaive lons
160- 180 hours
Technical Specification
Product Name Wearable Air Purifher-M5
Negative lons ≥120 millions pcs/cm3 (high gear)
≥100 millions pcs/cm3 (low gear)
Recharging Time 3-3.5 hours
Work Time 160-180 hours
Rated Power <0.2W
Operating Conditions -10~60°C ≤70%RH
Battery Lithium ion polymer battery
Battery Life Cycle charge > 500 times
Product Dimension 85x40x 23mm
Package Dimension 170x90x55 mm
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