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Double Sides Electro Hydraulic Trainer Vocational Training Equipment

Item No.: AFH008
Double Sides Electro Hydraulic Trainer Vocational Training Equipment
AFH008 Double Sides Electro Hydraulic Trainer Vocational Training Equipment

1.1   Electrical control unit
The electrical control unit includes a total control switch hanging box, a DC power hanging box, a relay hanging box, a button hanging box and an emergency stop hanging box.
1.2  Training workbench
The training platform is composed of aluminum profiles and aluminum alloy substrates. The hydraulic station and cabinets are placed in the lower part. The inclined operation panel is ergonomic and easy to operate.
1.3   Power box
Single-phase three-wire power input, protected by insurance, with a main power switch. In case of emergency, the main power switch is turned off to stop the execution of the object.

1.4 Hydraulic components
1x pediment of insertions of double sided electrical components
2x Fixed cabinet with 3 drawers
2x Rubber oil recovery tray
1x Cable guide
1x Hose support
Equipment set for the study of hydraulics and hydraulic electro
1x Hand operated 4/2 dispenser and spring reminder
1x Manually controlled 4/3 distributor, centre in Y
1x Manually controlled 4/3 distributor, closed centre
1x Non-return valve
1x Piloted non-return valve
1x Direct controlled pressure limiter
1x bidirectional flow strangler
1x unidirectional flow strangler
2x Dual effect cylinders 25mm piston diameter, 16 mm rod diameter and 200 mm stroke
1x Cylinder mounting kit
1x Hydraulic motor with 60 Nm torque drainage
1x Load mass of 15 kg with attachment adapted to the delivered cylinder assembled in a safety mesh
1x hydraulic membrane accumulator with locking diaphragm.
3x Manometer with quick connection and glycerin bath pressure range 0- 100 bar

2x T-Dispatcher with quick connection
1x Stop valve
2x 3 electric relay module (3NO-3NC contacts for each relay, 24 VDC reel);
1x Module of 3 electric push buttons
1x Module of 2 temporized relays (2NO-2NC contacts)
2x 4/2 monostable electric steering valve (24 VDC coil with excitation light)
1x Electric controlled centre 4/3 valve (24 VDC coil with excitation light
1x electronic pressure
2x Electronic proximity detector
Set of accessories
10x Flexible hose with quick couplings, 600 mm
6x Flexible hose with quick couplings, 1000 mm
4x Flexible hose with quick couplings, 1500 mm

Set of 4 mm secure laboratory cables (red and blue) consisting of 80 minimum cables
Power supply unit for mounting frame 220V AC - 24VDC/ 10A short-circuit protected.
Hydraulic unit
Control with protective circuit breaker and integrated emergency stop
1 Single phase alternating current motor Nominal voltage: 230 V/50Hz
Total rated engine power: 1 kW
Coupled with 2 double pumps (gear or pallet pump)
Flow rate of each pump: 3.5 l/min
Pressure 50 bar
Tank capacity 40 Liter with filter on return channel.
Delivered with French training documents with exercise and example paper and digital format on CD-ROM
Manual of practical work in basic hydraulics;
Manual of Practical Work in Hydraulic Electronics

3.5 Experiment list
(Note: The following experimental contents may not meet the experiment according to the component configuration of the device, for reference only!)
Experiment 1. Commutation circuit of manual reversing valve
Experiment 2. Commutation circuit of electromagnetic reversing valve
Experiment 3. Single stage pressure regulating circuit
Experiment 4. Single stage decompression circuit
Experiment 5. Secondary decompression circuit
Experiment 6. Pressure-retaining circuit with pressure relay
Experiment 7. Unloading circuit with "M" type directional control valve
Experiment 8. Unloading circuit with reversing valve
Experiment 9. Balance circuit with sequence valve
Experiment 10. Brake circuit with relief valve
Experiment 11. Secondary pressure circuit
Experiment 12. Oil passage throttle speed control loop
Experiment 13. Return circuit throttle control loop
Experiment 14. Parallel oil throttle throttling speed control loop
Experiment 15. Volume speed control loop
Experiment 16. Speed control valve parallel circuit
Experiment 17. Speed control valve series circuit
Experiment 18. Sequential action loop using the travel switch
Experiment 19. Buffer circuit with overflow valve
Experiment 20. Locking circuit with "M" type directional control valve