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Mechatronics Training Equipment(2 Stations) Instrumentation and Process Control Training Didactic Equipment

Item No.: AFM017
Mechatronics Training Equipment(2 Stations) Instrumentation and Process Control Training Didactic Equipment
AFM017 Mechatronics Training Equipment(2 Stations) Instrumentation and Process Control Training Didactic Equipment

1 Product overview
1.1 Profile
This training equipment contains multi types industrial sensors, pneumatic controlunit, electric switch, PLC programmable controller, HMI. It contains distribution unit(another name feed unit, load unit), testing module, sorting storagemodule, it’s a mechatronics training platform. It is based on PPI communication, PLC distributed control method, touch screen communicate with PLC method, to cultivate students knowledge and technical skills, it’s suitable for engineering universities, colleges, training institute, technical schools, engineer training.

1.2 Feature
(1)Training platform structure takes aluminum structure, with four universal wheelsunder the end of workbench, with two lockers on two wheel, it’s flexible to move and stop. Various execute mechanism module is installed in aluminum base panel, it’s easy to operate, safety and reliable. 
(2)PLC control unit is installed in training workbench, it’s easy to operate, safety and reliable. 
(3)This training system combines mechanical technology(include pneumatic technology), sensor technology, PLC control and communication technology. Students will learn the modern manufacturing technology through this training platform. The whole structure is open structure, it’s easy to assembly and disassembly, you can change training module easily, it’s suitable for teaching or technical skills competition. 
(4)This training set connect PLC module I/O interface, various indicator switch, photoelectric switch, sensor, indicator components through terminal strip from main station to substation. 

2 Technical specification
(1)  Input power: single phase, three wires: 220V±10% 50Hz
(2)  Dimension:1500mm×800mm×1300mm
(3)  Whole capacity 1.5KVA
(4)  Weight100kg
(5)  Work environment: environment temperature:-10+40  relative humidity: 85%(25)
3 Product composition
3.1   Power input unit
Power input interface is installed in switchboard in workbench, it go through European type plug, and equip with 4 interface European plug. 
3.2   Training workbench
Training workbench use aluminum base panel, connect with metal training console, there are four universal wheels under the console, and with two lockers, you can move flexible and fix the trainer. Console equip with tea color door, the structure is safety and beautiful.

3.3   Power configuration
(1) Single phase three wires power input, go through breaker, inner set with emergency stop button, you can make PLC stop run.
(2) Equip with power indicator, run stop indicator, start stop button. 
3.4 Execute mechanism configuration
1Air (from air compressor) input unit
2. Distribution unit
3Workpiece handling unit
4.Workpiece height test unit
5Workpiece test sorting warehouse unit
6.Warehouse capacity test unit
7.Touch screen control unit
8.Electric magnetic valve unit
9.terminal strip unit

4 Experiment list
(1) Electromagnetic valve control pneumatic actuator debug experiment
(2) Optical fiber sensor etc. various sensor test workpiece experiment
(3)  Siemens S7-1200PLC simple program experiment
(4)  RS485 data communication experiment between Siemens S7-1200PLC  
(5)  Siemens S7-1200PLC and HMI MCGS touch screen communication experiment
(6)  Siemens S7-1200PLC control 2 stations mechatronics trainer single station demonstrational (independent run single station)
(7)  Siemens S7-1200PLC control two station system auto run experiment(combination run the whole system)