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Mechatronics Training System Didactic Equipment Sorting Trainer Equipment Vocational Training Equipment

Item No.: AFM022
Mechatronics Training System Didactic Equipment Sorting Trainer Equipment Vocational Training Equipment
AFM022 Mechatronics Training System Didactic Equipment Sorting Trainer Equipment Vocational Training Equipment

I.System overview
This system is an integrated training system based on industrial flexible production line manufacturing system, its content covers industrial light, machine, electricity integration and other automatic control application technologies, it does real-time data exchange through upper computer WINCC configuration software, and it makes all the unit platforms and actuators in the system form an integrated industrial control network, hardware supports 485, MODBUS, DP network communication modes.

The whole system consists of six parts, five workstations of simulation industry flexible manufacturing system, namely: material loading test station, handling station, processing station, installation handling stations, installation station and classification storage station, each station is equipped with a Siemens PLC as main control unit, integrated control training of the six stations can be carried out through the communication between the PLC according to requirement, or a few stations which are adjacent constitute the small flexible system to do training, you can also do separate control training for any station. It is with reasonable configuration and rich contents, realizes the execution control from upper computer configuration data monitoring to the bottom of the system, covers the various elements of modern industry light, machine, electricity integration control technology application, and meets the design, installation, commissioning and programming of complex systems and other topics. The system realizes production line sensor detection, transmission processing, intelligent control, and execution-drive production line, you can learn and master the pneumatic technology, motor drive and control technology, PLC control technology, industrial communication technology, sensor application technology, mechanical transmission technology, robot technology and other discipline contents.

II.System configuration include the following content:
(1) Distribution testing station
It consists of rotary table, material guiding device, workpiece slide, lifting unit, count capacitance switch, detecting workpiece and color discrimination optoelectronic switch, switching power supply, programmable controller, button, I/O conversion terminal, communication interface board, electrical switch panel, DC gear motor, solenoid valve and air cylinder. Its main task is to deliver the workpiece from rotary loading platform to detecting work station. The lifting device is to lift and detect the color of the workpiece.