china mini portable personal Industrial ozone generator oem

Item No.: O1
china mini portable personal  Industrial ozone generator oem
 Ozone generator -O1
Ozone generator uses a double-ball bearing heat dissipation fan, high speed and large air volume to ensure good heat dissipation of the internal heating elements of the machine, low ozone concentration attenuation rate, and long-term use to ensure sufficient ozone production and up to standard concentration.
Ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericide and has a strong killing effect on all kinds of bacteria and viruses. The generated ozone gas has strong oxidation and catalysis. Viruses and bacteria are affected by a variety of free radicals in the ozone gas, which dissociates and denatures proteins, reduces the activity of nucleic acids and enzymes, thereby disinfecting and purifying the air; ozone It has complex physical and chemical reactions such as degradation and oxidation with formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene and other toxic and harmful gases, and the by-products are non-toxic and harmless, which can avoid secondary pollution.
Functional Features
Operation method
1. Air treatment (sterilization, deodorization, deodorization, ammonia, formaldehyde) usage
1.1: Place the ozone generator in a specific (stable, well-ventilated and heat-dissipating) position in the room to be disinfected
1.2: In order to achieve the best ozone disinfection effect, please close doors and windows, etc., and do not have people indoors during disinfection.
1.3: Turn on the power, turn on the socket switch, turn the timer switch clockwise to the required disinfection time scale (or turn the timer switch counterclockwise to the normally open position), the equipment starts to work, and the ozone output port has ozone output. When the time is reset to zero, the equipment will stop automatically.
 Product core structure (advantages of configuration technology)
High-frequency and high-voltage power supply: rectifier frequency conversion circuit, high-voltage package is composed of ferrite core, polyesterimide/polyamideimide composite layer enameled wire, epoxy high-temperature glue vacuum potting, with open circuit protection, overcurrent Protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, high voltage frequency 3-20KHZ,
Output sine wave waveform, which can convert electric energy to a great extent, and the power factor can reach 0.97
Product Usage
Purifying air
(1) Hotel room disinfection, car disinfection, office disinfection, hotel disinfection, etc.
(2) Sterilization in the production workshop, bed sheet disinfection, ward disinfection, school kindergarten disinfection, etc.
(3) Mushroom culture to prevent pathogen infection
(4) Sterilize and keep fresh in food processing plants to remove peculiar smell
Technical Specification
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