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PLC Electro Hydraulic Trainer Instrumentation Education Training Equipment

Item No.: AFH011
PLC Electro Hydraulic Trainer Instrumentation Education Training Equipment
AFH011 PLC Electro Hydraulic Trainer Instrumentation Education Training Equipment

I. Introduction
I‘s suitable for schools, engineer training centers, factory training department etc. Through this trainer, students can master hydraulic components structure, hydraulic circuit control theory, hydraulic circuit design, and hand on ability for hydraulic trainer. This trainer is flexible and students can design their own hydraulic circuit.

II. Technical parameter
(1) DC power: input AC 380V,50Hz   Output: DC 24V/3A
(2)Wheel: 4, 2 lockable with brake, 2 not lockable
(3) Hydraulic station:
nominal volume: 35L 
rated output hydraulic pressure is 16MPa, 
pump type: gear pump
(4) Slot space:25mm
(5) Panel material: aluminum
(6) Workbench type: single side two work station for 2 students
(7) Hydraulic station with hydraulic oil
(8) Whole equipment dimension:1600mm(L)×750mm(W)×1700mm(H)
(9)Aluminum panel dimension: 1200(L)×750(W)
(10)Cabinet: 1

III. Experiment that can be finished
1. Direction control circuit
(1)Hand operated direction valve direction change circuit
(2)Solenoid directional valve direction change valve
2. Pressure control circuit
(1)Single grade pressure adjust circuit
(2)Secondary pressure adjust
(3)Single grade pressure decrease circuit
(4)Secondary reduce pressure circuit
(5)Use “M” direction change valve ife circuit
( 6)Use selector valve ife circuit
(7)Use overflow valve ife circuit
(8)pilot operated check valve protect voltage
3. Speed adjust circuit
(1)Oil inlet throttling governing
(2)Back oil circuit throttling governing
(3)By pass circuit throttling governing
(4)Speed adjust valve speed synchronizing circuit
(5)Speed adjust valve parallel circuit
(6)Speed adjust series circuit
5. Use sequence valve sequent circuit 
6. Use stroke switch control sequent circuit 
7. Use pressure relay control sequent circuit 
8. Use pilot operated check valve single direction lock close circuit
9. Use pilot operated check valve two directional close circuit
10. Use “O” type directional change valve close circuit
11. Relay control hydraulic basic circuit
12. Hydraulic component capacity measure experiment