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Six Layers Transparent Elevator Trainer Didactic Equipment Elevator Trainer

Item No.: AFM033
AFM033 Six Layers Transparent Elevator Trainer Didactic Equipment Elevator Trainer
AFM033 Six Layers Transparent Elevator Trainer Didactic Equipment Elevator Trainer

1. System characteristics.
Transparent elevator mechanical and electrical integration of teaching training device is requires research and development, which combines PLC, frequency conversion adjustment, sensor detection, position control, complex organic combination switch quantity control, temporal logic control device in the integration of teaching. Can satisfy the programmable control technology, the modern elevator control technology, the elevator technology practice teaching of the course, such as suitable for the position of colleges and universities, school of technical secondary school, vocational school students in elevator maintenance and PLC training.
Transparent structure design, the internal structure of the elevator, the operation process is clear. To enable students to understand and understand the structure of the elevator and its operation principle.
Feature: The slot is plastic structure, not metal real structure, can only do electrical training, can’t observe mechanical structure for the real elevator slot.

2.Technical performance.
1) Input power: single-phase three-wire 220V plus or minus 10% 50Hz.
2) Working environment: temperature -10 ~ +40 humidity relative humidity < 85%(25 %) elevation < 4000m.
3) Device capacity: < 1.5kVA.
4) Machine size: 700mm * 700mm * 2300mm.
3. Basic structure.
1) There are six floors in the multi-storey elevator.
2) Machine room part: including traction machine, speed limit device, limit switch, control cabinet and mechanical selection device;
3) Part of the well channel: including the guide rail, the heavy equipment, the buffer, the steel wire rope tensioning device of the speed limiter, the traveling cable, etc.;
4) Hall door section: including hall door, call button box, floor display device, etc.;
5) Car parts: including the cage, safety tongs, guide boots, automatic door opener, control box, indicator light in the cage, car lighting, etc.
4. Training List
1) Sensor detection.
2) Basic use of inverter.
3) Timer instruction.
4) Mathematical operation instructions.
5) High-speed counter.
6) The car will open and close automatically.
7) The elevator simulation runs the call indicator drive.
8) Floor display
9) Door machine moment safety protection.
10) Door security control.
11) Protection of elevator terminal switch.
12) Control of elevator lift and deceleration.
13) Adopt the positioning of photoelectric encoder.
14) Voice mail