Aviche M1 Version 3.0 mini portable necklace personal wearable air purifier for anti-coronavirus

Item No.: M1 version 3.0
mini portable necklace personal wearable air purifier for anti-coronavirus, Negative Ions is more than the 8million/cm3
Wearable air Purifier -M1 
M1 is designed for air traveling, train, ward of hospital, room with smoke, classroom, office etc, which can release milons of negative ions to remove bacteria, allergen, smoke, PM2.5 and offer fresh air space, It can help prevent flu virus in flu season and also is good to rhinitis, allergy.

Version3.0 VS Normal M1

After half a year of research, AVCIHE has launched a new version M1 version 3.0 negative ions concentration and battery capacity are fully improved
Functional Features
Higher Negative lon Release
M1 version 3.0 emits 100 MILLION negative ions from the brush on top. It can adsorb positively charged suspended particles, neutralize and settle down, and purify the air.
Longer Work Time
M1 version 3.0 can work up to 160-180 HOURS (the normal version of M1 can only be used for 35-40 hours). After the battery capacity is expanded, it can be used continuously for nearly a week when fully charged
New Package
Compared with the normal version, the M1 version 3.0-white uses a new packaging box.
 How to distinguish version 3.0 and normal version?
 Please pay attention to our anti-counterfeit label
 The inner and outer boxes of the packaging have the only anti-counterfeiting label designated by AVICHE
Technical Specification
Model M1 version 3.0
Color Black/White
Negative ions 100 million pcs/cm(output)
50 million pcs/cm (5cm)
Remove PM2.5 99.9%
Sterilize rate 99.9%
Work time 160-180 Hours
Recharge time 6-7 Hours
Weight 50 g
80 x 37 x 24 mm
Picture Display